How It Works?

Do you have a specific set of skills and looking to become available in your local area?

1. Register

Register a full account to start posting ads for your specific skill sets. Make sure you include all relevant information, so people can easily find you and contact you.



2. Submit Ad

Once you have you account set, you can then start submitting ads to relevant categories to your skills. Once approved, your ads will then be displayed publicly in the categories you have selected. When expiring, we will send out an email with a link to re-activate it. This happens because we want to keep ads relevant and up-to-date.

3. Start earning money

Once your ad has been approved, you will then be displayed in your category search results. If you decide to pay to feature your ads, it will then be shown on maps, at the top of your category and in search results as a premium ad. This means that your visibility will be boosted to maximum for 30 days.


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