May 19, 2019 by Dan PPA in blog

What is PennyPeople?

We have started this website for those people that are looking to use their free time in service of small local jobs.

What makes it so special? Well, instead of creating just another job website, we have created a website for people with skills and free time on their hands. A transparent website where anyone can register and become available in their area for small and odd jobs. Free for advertisers, free for seeking people.


This website exists for 2 categories of people:

1. People with time and skills

People seeking to becoming available in their area with their specific skill set, that are looking to be paid by hour or job, with no complications.

2. People offering small jobs

People who are looking for someone in their area to help with small jobs and tasks.

Yes, we know there are “other websites” out there based on the same idea, but we are not quite like them. For example, your contact details are available on your ad, therefore it eliminates the need for a complex and boring quoting system, where the employer can call your directly.

Why, you ask? Because life should be simple and because we are not greedy. If someone needs a helping hand for a quick job, they should be able to find a person easily in their area and contact them directly. No quotes, no hidden costs. Sort of like a yellow pages for freelancers.

So if you like the idea, sign up FREE today, post your ad and become available for small jobs in your local area.


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